Classes respect the teacher/student ratios with certified educators. Razmataz Kidz offers a bi-lingual educational curriculum including pre-writing, Mathematics, Science, Music, listening and reading activities. Included are unique enrichment programs such as Math, Music, and the Human Sciences.


IMPORTANT: NEW Reimbursement Government Policy:

This means, that your child-care fees are refunded MONTHLY according to the percentage you are entitled to.

"A major improvement to the refundable tax credit for child-care expenses was announced in the 2009 Budget. Under this measure, the net cost per day of a non-subsidized space in a daycare service becomes equivalent to or less than the net cost of a reduced-contribution space ($7) in a subsidized daycare service, up to family income of $125 000." (ref:  Government of Quebec website).


Use the following calculator to see the net cost of daycare expenses depending on your situation and family income:

Day Care Expenses Calculator - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

All payments are tax deductible and admissible for an anticipated refund from Revenu Quebec. Parents are eligible for a 25-76% refund on daycare fees, depending on their family income.  


For more information visit www.revenuquebec.ca (form TPZ 1029.8.F).


Enfants Razmataz is recognized by the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés.