Enfants Razmataz believes that a child is constantly learning. The most intense learning takes place when a child is impressionable enough to learn ideas and concepts that have endless possibilities.

Enfants Razmataz will teach your child how to ask questions, be responsible and to recognize the need to respect the environment in which they live.

Enfants Razmataz recognizes that all children have different ways of learning. The Razmataz Educator uses various tools and traditions to appeal to whatever learning style your child exhibits.

Enfants Razmataz believes that children need structure and a reliable routine that can guide, secure and allow them to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Enfants Razmataz believes that teaching children in a confident and interesting manner can only be achieved through the trained and devoted attention of gifted, certified educators who care to make a difference by the way they teach.



All Razmataz children learn :
  • • To recognize social cues and to integrate successfully into social groups
    • To establish self-confidence and control through co-operative group projects
    • To understand the rules of cohesion and cooperative play
    • To use their imagination
    • To be responsible for their actions

Our preschool learning centre teaches :

• To recognize the written word (in both English and French)
• An introduction to basic math (of addition-subtraction and division)
• The human sciences (geography, cultural diversity, sciences-astronomy)…


Enfants Razmataz understands that your child has the ability to master learning and positive behavior. These accomplishments will influence their future attitude towards higher learning.